Monday, January 10, 2011

The Official Start Week (take II) M-F

Monday: Inspired by an interview by Danielle Stein of Gary Taubes in the February edition of Town & Country magazine I have decided to throw all caution, anti-oxidants and intuition to the wind and do it Atkins style! Decided to start this 20lb loss with lo-carb Atkins the first week. Stocked up on eggs, spinach, almonds, a chocolate Atkins bar pack for the weak moment that is sure to happen, teas, and gum and we are a go! Will update Friday. The goal after that is to add back in other veggies, fruit, whole grain, lentil and count 1100-1600 daily. Am starting lo-carb to better deal with hunger and to get rid of extra salt/sugar/water weight and for water loss and added motivation. Adieu. :-) XO

Tuesday: You know what's really good when you're freezing in induction phase I in the winter on Atkins? A 12 oz mug with water, a bouillon cube, and an egg stirred in... egg drop soup (1-2 carbs and 100 calories). Yum! :-)

Fri : Stomach flu
Sat: Off Atkins and on the BRAT diet for sicky tummies (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) - lost 3 lbs. Down 6 from last week total.
We will see what happens when I feel beter.

Atkins is effective at hunger control and a great thing to do to kick start a diet. I am a vegan at heart so it's mentally taxing and gross for me. So I am glad to have lasted a week and looked amazing today - the key to feeling better is to just straighten my hair, watch a Joan Rivers documentary and lose a few lbs apparently. We shall see what Tuesday brings. :-)

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