Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy with Reconstruction Healing - Week 5 after Surgery

5 days ago I went to see my physician who truly had very little to say about the pain and encouraged me to continue to massage and no heavy lifting but fly-free and push things slowly! 

So I figured I'm on my own here and determined that like a baby I will have to start anew! I quit all daytime pain meds and am using Tylenol at night as needed (sparingly) and am trying to find a way to phase out sleeping sitting upright.

I went back to a place I've loved since I was a child.  I went back to ballet. The long lean posture, and arms for stretching... the beauty of form and peace it brings to my mind. It does for me what yoga does for my friends.

Day 3 of driving a little more every day... I'm sleeping sitting up less often and just on my sides. 

I am at week 5 post-surgery... I hope things continue to get better. I Google things, in the car while parked, when the pain gets overwhelming and I still have a half day ahead of me and the stories online of the women who still feel these things in them and still feel the tightness years later and have formed internal scar tissue they can't break up - well I am working on that not being me and finding a way to help more women in the favorite of my charities I work with.

This surgery is a lot like having a dog so far, or a BMW, or hair extensions... it requires constant attention in the beginning and then lots of tweaking.  The feeling of it being there never leaves one's consciousness. It's very distracting.

I can't wait to post that this feels better but I am only at week five... the 6 week no lifting embargo is almost over. The 3 months go-back-to-the-gym-and-bench-press is yet to begin. The 6 month refining surgery is not soon. The 1 year mark of the light pink possible nipple tattoo I probably won't get isn't here. The 4% hydroquinone to bleach down scars hasn't begun. 

It's all too soon but I'm done blogging I think for now dear reader and I thank you for reading it.

I hope I helped some women who will go through this know what to expect. :)


  1. Sarah- I am so glad to read your posts as I am 3 weeks today post op. Mine was preventative and so i sit here and think, "OMG, what have I done". I do have full range of motion but thought I would be farther along with no pain. i read some of these blogs and some seem to be pain free after a week!
    I too struggle in everything I do, but do think I am making some strides. My husband is my rock and of course like your friends and family he tells me how beautiful I am. I am afraid to even think of sex at this point but know that one day I hope to feel some sense of normalsy.
    Thank you for sharing and no you are not alone and we are here struggling and praying for you!


  2. Thank you for your comment and support Wendy! I can assure you I have full range of motion back now and the last remaining attainment is pushups and chest press... it still feels odd to do these but I started at zero weight on the bench, then the next week was able to do 3.5 lb dumbbells (nowhere near my 25 lb - 30 lb dumbells) and I am working on it and taking it slow and stress free as I accomplish these things slowly! It will get better! HUGE HUGS!


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