Thursday, February 20, 2014

Someone has agreed to take the children...

Someone has agreed to take the children... to pick them up from school, feed them organic magic, look over and clarify their homework, entertain them, and take them to their sports before bringing them  home. SO I was able to take the Advil/Tylenol combo (which didn't even take the edge off) and then (because I don't have to drive now - thank you world) take 2 Valium for the pain.
kevin spacey richard III
I don't know what this is but I'll have what she's having...
where's my husband and my Four Season's reservation.
We're due honey. - Kevin Spacey Richard III

I don't normally watch television but if you're healing from surgery, this is the time to do it.

My feelings on medicine in general: I dislike it. I like feeling like a good person and I don't care if that makes me a simpleton in your eyes because apparently I am getting 30 Google hits a day and they're probably all robots so no one is reading this anyway.

SO, with my 2 Valium I am watching Kevin Spacey's "House of Cards" instead of Bill Burr's show on Netflix which I love (he reminds me of the teenage me) because Kevin seemed nice on The Daily Show.  I don't like "The House of Cards" - it is far too much like real life. Not because I'm a sneaky, life-as-chess playing no-good-doer (first of all I would be Robin's Wright's character - I'm a woman married to a powerful man but mine has good character, scruples, and integrity, AND he's a genius), but because life seems to increasingly be about posturing - which I used to absolutely despise when my mother was alive.
Now I have to find my own path and have my own opinions and I find that one can never in a million years say anything close to what they are thinking. (Oh, she's growing up. It's about time.)  My children are learning this lesson too now - because I teach them everything I know because being naive like me sucks. "Life's a game people... so stop your crying, work hard, smile and play it." - aren't you glad I'm not your mom?
kevin spacey jon stewart the daily show

I want my life to be more Jon Stewart and less Frank Underwood... Frank can say things and trick people and have his stupid theories and Jon Stewart does something even more difficult... he is like-able while reporting the most gruesome news stories... he does accents (which incidentally I also do very well thank you very much), he has that wisdom that comes from experience on how to be in charge of all his guests and steer them into a successful interview despite what they're actually feeling (giddiness, etc) while making it seem effortless... and he is happy and smart - but not like a Jimmy Fallon Muppet.

God I need to get out of my house. LOVE YOU - the shut-in in recovery. 

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