Thursday, February 20, 2014

The One Where Nothing Happened....

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Yesterday's one load of laundry, and one load of dishes, one quick ride to pick up the kids from school, one fortnight after prophylactic bilateral mastectomy w silicon implants of the same size... while being cognizant of the 5lb weight limit of exertion... was a mistake.

The pain is defeating me... so much so that I ate ice cream at 3am (I don't do that.) and am starting my day, dear benevolent reader, with a diet coke with Splenda and a cereal I hate (I don't normally eat breakfast) in the hopes my body will tolerate the 1 Advil and 2 Tylenol and Multi-Vitamin I have just put in it.

My child's teacher said to me yesterday that she was so proud of how brave and how pro-active and strong I am and how another woman would have just waited rather than acted on this. She said something similar in 3 more sentences in a row and more eloquently than I am typing it.  

She is the only person in my life to have expressed what I myself feel about this whole debacle. 

I said a very graceful remark about her kindness and how appreciative I was for her words and then did the self-deprecating "I really didn't feel like I had a choice given my life's circumstances and goals." (She wasn't biting that - thank you - YAY!)  in return in the most sincerity I could muster w my seat belt pushing into my very painful breasts from driving the stupid, heavy steering wheel BMW I drive (I hate that new, SUV, stupid, uncomfortable, gas guzzling, piece of garbage car and will never get another - it's like a pet and always needs something while providing none of the soft features or love of a pet.). I smiled and tried to make a joke about the power of red lipstick (the joke was either not funny or lost on her or both)...but it shocks me that she knew exactly what to say. 

Since this blog is fairly anonymous, whatever that means, she won't know I thought the impact of what she said was as great as it is... but like it says in the header I'm nice in real life when I'm not in pain... so she will know. :)

The X5 is garbage, hating my bmw, hevy steering wheel, uncomfortable seats, it needs something every few weeks and it's new

That's it... I'm done blogging for a few weeks until I feel like Superwoman again and have found my life's purpose... deadline, 4 months. No, no, I hear how that sounds...

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