Friday, July 13, 2012

Dukan Diet Day 2 (non-dairy)

I am doing the Dukan for the first time. Am on day 2 and I can't do dairy and am usually vegan so am forcing myself to have eggs (i enjoy) and chicken (i get grossed out about).... but something had to be done. I put on 8 lbs over the last few months and feel very uncomfy in my own skin and counting calories makes me miserable all day. The protein thing most definitely works well for me.

I ate eggs and chicken and oat bran yesterday and lost 3 lbs of water weight (but i had just had something salty/sweet the days before... it was delicious disgustingly good thai curry... so i had a lot of water weight to lose :) )

i am hoping adding approved "cruise" veggies back in my life on day 5 doesnt make me crazy hungry all the time again.  i love how on their website it gives you a concrete weight loss amount by a concrete day. so motivating and bold. love it! 5lbs down, 25 to go!

WAIT: THEN I REALLLLLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT AND HAVE FUN DOING IT: CLICK HERE - out (drops microphone loudly on the floor, smiles seductively, and exits stage left) #TurnDownForWhat

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